Should Adults Get Sealants?

You might typically think of dental sealants as a procedure for children, but did you know that adults can choose to have sealants applied as well? Sealants can prevent food and plaque from building up in the molars, so adults who do not already have fillings or decay can definitely benefit.

What Are Dental Sealants?

The dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating that is painted on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (the molars). The sealant bonds to the depressions and grooves of the teeth, forming a protective shield. Sealants can protect the most vulnerable areas of the tooth by keeping out the plaque and food.

A dentist applies sealants to a clean, dry surface after applying a special gel to roughen the teeth’s chewing surface.

A Good Investment

The earlier sealants are applied, the greater their protection, which is why they are recommended around age 6. However, sealants can be a good investment for adults.

Dental sealants can cost anywhere from $30 to $60 per tooth. Some dental insurance plans cover sealants for children and adults, while some only cover children or only cover certain teeth. Make sure you check with your dental benefits plan about whether they cover the cost or not.

Dental sealants to prevent cavities can save time, money and discomfort. Treating cavities is with fillings, caps or crowns is expensive and time-consuming … sealants combined with regular brushing, flossing and dental check-ups can be a very good idea.

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