Easing Your Dentist Fears in Winston-Salem, N.C.

At Enlighten Dental Care, we certainly don’t think of ourselves as scary, but we know that between 5-8 percent of Americans do avoid the dentist because of true dental anxiety, while others just simply don’t like to go.

The fear of going to the dentist often stems from patients feeling as if they have a lack of control. However, regular dental check-ups are essential, just like regular health check-ups. Lost teeth and pain are just some of the consequences of going without regular check-ups; gum disease that can lead to other even more serious health issues is another.

To help put dental fear in perspective and highlight our gentle, patient approach to treating each patient as an individual, we enlisted the help of a videographer Patterson Tompkins at ScreenSpyn, as well as a few actors and Enlighten Dental Care staff members to join in the fun. Our cast list included:

  • “JJ” Johnson as Jordan Moore
  • Dr. Dan Driscoll as himself
  • Victoria Blevins as the nice assistant
  • Mita Lambe and Allison Lambe as waiting room guests
  • Mary Jane Miller as the scary receptionist

We had so much fun shooting and editing the video to get the essential message across that Enlighten Dental Care is not here to add more anxiety to your life. We view our patients as our friends, and we don’t dictate treatment — you are in control. There are multiple treatment options available, and our team is here to find the right one for you!

Stay tuned for more videos from Enlighten Dental Care!

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