Keeping Those Two Front Teeth Strong and Healthy

email_f9468735d652477f8da6247c1e7de0d9All I want for Christmas
is my two front teeth,
my two front teeth,
see my two front teeth!

Gee, if I could only
have my two front teeth,
then I could wish you
“Merry Christmas.”

Remember this classic Christmas song? We associate it with losing baby teeth, but it’s important to know that our permanent teeth become more fragile and worn down as we reach middle age. Every day wear and tear takes its toll on teeth, but there are steps you can take to keep your two front teeth — and all the rest of them — intact.

  • Don’t crunch your ice. If you have this bad habit, break it! The hard, cold ice can cause chips in the enamel and broken teeth.
  • Floss. If you don’t clean between your teeth, you are only cleaning 60 percent of the tooth’s surface. Floss. Enough said.
  • Eat healthy foods. Foods that are low in sugar and starches will reduce the acids produced in your mouth.
  • Avoid drinking soda, even diet soda. The acids in sodas eat away at the enamel on the teeth. If you must drink it, use a straw!
  • Get help for grinding teeth. Clenching your teeth from stress and grinding your teeth while sleeping can really wear them down. Get help from a dentist in order to protect them from cracks and chips.
  • Brush gently with a soft toothbrush. Hard toothbrushes can cause abrasion to your enamel.
  • Chew sugarless gum. By increasing saliva flow, chewing gum neutralizes acids and cleans the teeth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. A thorough dental cleaning twice a year is key to keeping teeth strong and healthy.

The better care you take of your teeth, they better they will take care of you as you age. The good news is there are many problems that can be taken care of cosmetically with anything from teeth whitening, contouring and bonding to implants, crowns and veneers.

So, if you do need two front teeth for Christmas or a fix for any other dental imperfections, contact Enlighten Dental Care!

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