Three Cool Dental Technologies You May Not Know About!

Email_58e26293721e45e3b66faa59ceb3fc4fIt’s a New Year, and you can make a fresh start. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, it’s time to make an appointment to make sure your teeth and mouth are healthy — and find out how easy a visit to the dentist can be thanks to newer technologies designed to create a more pleasant experience.

Here’s three technologies that can bring a brighter smile to your face …

  • Digital X-rays. Using digital X-rays is much faster and more efficient than the traditional radiograph X-rays you may remember. How do they work? At Enlighten Dental Care, we place a wireless sensor in your mouth to take the X-ray. Within 30 seconds, the image is generated on the computer, where it can be viewed and stored so we can compare X-rays from year to year.Benefits of digital X-rays include the following:
    • Faster process
    • Less radiation
    • The ability to look at the bone beneath the teeth and cavities between the teeth
    • The ability to examine the roots and nerves of the teeth and diagnose lesions such as cysts and tumors
    • The ability to assess damage when trauma occurs to the teeth
  • Lasers to diagnose cavities. For many, many years, the only way to diagnose cavities was by probing teeth with a dental instrument and looking for soft areas. — or seeing the cavity on an X-ray. Cavities would often be in a more advanced stage before they were detected.Today, lasers can identify and treat cavities at an earlier stage while the cavity is still beneath the enamel, thus allowing us to provide minimally invasive treatment. At Enlighten Dental Care, we use the DIAGNOdent laser, which emits safe pulses of light through the tooth and finds hidden decay by finding where the teeth “glow.” (Healthy teeth don’t glow.) The laser can find decay at such an early stage, which means that a simple fluoride treatment may be able to reverse the decay and rebuild the healthy tooth structure.
  • Air abrasion. You can have dental work done without the drill! At Enlighten Dental Care, we use air abrasion for drill-free fillings. The instrument works like a mini sandblaster and blows a powerful air stream of tiny aluminum oxide particles onto the tooth, cleaning the decay off in the same way a sandblaster removes paint. No drill means no need for numbing the area or undergoing anesthesia!The benefits of air abrasion include:
    • The ability to remove very small areas of decay and preserve more of the tooth structure
    • Low noise and odorless
    • Reduction or elimination of vibration, heat and pressure
    • Less invasive, faster treatment at an earlier stage
    • Smaller fillings

A visit to the dentist is a much more pleasant experience in 2016. Make your appointment today by calling Enlighten Dental Care at (336) 765-0904.

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