Five Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Teeth!

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and it’s the perfect time to pause and reflect about all of the things we are thankful for: friends, family, our health…

Here at Enlighten Dental Care, we encourage you to add one more thing on that list: our teeth. They are the primary reason we are able to enjoy that Thanksgiving dinner!

Here are our top five reasons to put teeth at the top of your Thanksgiving list:

  1. Food. Our teeth help us chew food into bite-sized pieces that are more easily able to be swallowed. They are particularly useful when it comes to eating tougher foods like turkey and corn on the cob. Your Thanksgiving dinner choices would be reduced to mashed potatoes and gravy without a set of strong teeth to help you chew.
  2. Conversation. Your teeth work together with your tongue to help you speak! Without your teeth, it would be really hard to pronounce certain words, such as “Thanks.”
  3. Photographs. Say cheese and take that family photo this Thanksgiving. Healthy smiles give people the confidence to look their best, no matter the occasion. Be grateful for your unique and beautiful smile this Thanksgiving.
  4. Health Alerts. Your teeth are a window to your overall health. There are many diseases that can show up first as dental symptoms.
  5. Success. A healthy, beautiful smile can contribute to your overall success. Numerous studies have shown that the way your teeth look has an impact on the way people perceive you and may impact your ability to be hired for a job.
So how do you show thanks for your teeth? By taking care of them, of course! Brush and floss twice a day, and visit Enlighten Dental Care every six months for your regular check-up and to take care of any problems early on.Happy Thanksgiving!

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